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Elgin Sand and Gravel are suppliers of Sands and Aggregates. Although primarily for use in the building trade, we have product ranges to meet all of your Sand and Aggregate needs. With our selection of stunning aggregates – from the soft golden yellow of our Golden Spey Chip to the brilliant hues of our Dufftown Blue, we will have something to brighten up your house & garden.

What we do

We sell the highest quality sands and aggregates for your building & landscaping projects. Our range of high quality sands are also used for sports, including horse riding and golf. We source all of our materials responsibly and work in partnership with local and national quarries to provide you with the broadest selection of building and sporting products at great value for money.


Elgin Sand and Gravel offers nearly a hundred years of expertise in the building, sand and aggregates markets and you can be sure our high quality products will meet your standards, first time, every time. Most of our products are sold to the building and associated trades, but a range of our high quality sands are used for sports like horse riding and golf course developments.

Decorative Aggregates

Pink Granite

Our extremely popular and highly sought after pink granite is perfect for decorative areas, pathways, driveways and aquatic features. The rock itself is extremely durable and hard wearing and the dimensions of the individual stones make them migration and shift resistant, meaning more of the stones stay in place over a long period of time.

Pink and Blue

This naturally occurring mixture of pink and blue offers a vibrant contrast for decorative areas, pathways, and driveways, the stones are sharp and angular making them useful for repelling felines looking to mark their territory, and the pink granite makes it an extremely tough and hard wearing stone.

West Coast White

This white dolomite shimmers like marble in the sun, although an angular cut, its planes offer fairly smooth edges. The hue of this rock can be particularly breathtaking when used in display areas and pathways where it can offer a stark contrast. It is also suitable for indoor decorative areas as well as driveways and aquatic features.

Dufftown Blue

The blue hue and mixture of white found in these stones are reminiscent of the snow topped mountains of the Cairngorms. These stones look stunning when dry and take on deeper hues of midnight blues and navy when wet. Although angular in cut the rock its self is very smooth making it particularly good for garden pathways and other recreational areas.

Ivory, Black and Gold

This mixture of Dolomite, Feldspar and Basalt offers a brilliant mixture of smooth and angular hard wearing stones. They are perfect for decorative areas, pathways, and with the right cut driveways, additionally the 6mm cut is perfect for fish tanks and other aquatic features.

Classic Golden

For those that want a hard wearing sand stone, without the quartz element we are sure our Classic Golden will meet your needs. Its natural sandy hue comes alive with gold and brown when wet and its angular shape and cut offers protection from feline marking. The formation of this rock has made it one of the toughest sandstones in Scotland allowing it to be used for driveways as well as paths, and other decorative areas.

Golden Spey Chip

We offer this golden sandstone quartzite in three sizes. The high degree of quartz within the rock makes it sparkle in the sun, and its golden hue makes it perfect for presenting a luxury feel. Its high level of crystallization makes it extremely hard wearing, while its angular edges offer protection from cats. This stone is perfect for pathways, decorative areas, driveways and aquatic usage.

Scottish Pebbles

Our Scottish pebbles are supplied from quarries found within the forests of Moray shire, perfectly crafted by the Moray Firth and the River Spey, a mixture of grays, tans and browns that come to life in a bloom of exceptional vivid colour that makes these stones highly sought out. The rounded nature of these pebbles makes them an ideal addition for sensory areas and even internal corporate displaces. They are perfect for pathways, driveways, display areas and of course aquatic use.

Volcanic Black

This black basalt glistens with a shiny luster and warms quickly in the sun, in the 14 mm cut, the angular shape and edges make it particularly good for keeping cats from marking their territory. This rock is ideally suited for Pathways, Decorative areas, aquatics and even in the tops of plant pots.